ATAC provides customized software applications designed with the test team in mind to enable secure, effective, and efficient execution of ground and flight tests of legacy and cutting-edge systems, to include the following:

  • Software development, customization, and sustainment at Tyndall AFB, Florida, supporting the 53d Wing’s Weapon System Evaluation Program by providing a simple and reliable capability to quickly process, align, analyze, and display data from air-to-air missile shots for pilot and engineer debriefings within 90 minutes of the shot.
  • Advanced radar algorithm development, implementation, testing, and analysis at Robins AFB, Georgia, and at Naval Air Station China Lake, California, supporting the F-15E APG-70, F-15C APG-63, F/A-18 APG-65, F/A-18 APG-73, and AC-130 APQ-180 radars, as well as upgrading and sustaining the development bench equipment in the Avionics Integration Support Facility (AISF)
  • Customization, operation, and instruction on data capture, conversion, processing, and analysis of unique software tailored to streamline A-10 Operational Flight Program (OFP) development support for the 309th Software Maintenance Group at Hill AFB, Utah.
  • Customized turn-key software solutions for multiple customers across the test community to meet needs such as the following:
    • Real-time display of radar and mission system parameters from an Inter-Range Instrumentation Group (IRIG)-106 Chapter 10 data format on Symvionics’ IADS® software application
    • Generation, validation, and publication of current and accurate data format standards and data samples on official IRIG websites to enable cross-range standardization
    • Requirements definition, design, and checkout of customized LabVIEW packages to meet specific applications
    • Taking new methods of displaying complex data sets from concept to application, using the DoD-owned SIMDIS toolset to meet requirements of multiple DoD customers including Cobra Dane early warning/space monitoring, USMC systems testing at MCAS Yuma, and USAF missile system evaluations at Tyndall AFB
    • In-depth and on-site study of legacy software/hardware systems in the Cobra Dane Ground-Based Early-Warning radar site to inform program office decisions on options to re-host, port, or replace existing systems without impacting their daily mission sets
  • Software support for weapons development activities across the DoD and industry, including Tomahawk data analysis at China Lake, California, Naval Undersea Warfare Center torpedo testing support, and contractor testing by Raytheon Missile Systems in Tucson, Arizona.

ATAC can give your team the edge they need in an increasingly cost and performance oriented industry.